Strategic Purchasing and Supply Management

Are you having trouble managing the "big picture" of Purchasing effectively within your organization?

Do you need help setting goals and objectives to improve the bottom line?

Are you making the most of sourcing strategies to enhance supplier quality and productivity?

How do supply management organizational concepts, training and educational factors, and job descriptions affect the purchasing function overall?

What are you doing to improve vital communications among vendors, suppliers, contractors, and staff?

Where are your supply management initiatives taking you in terms of electronic commerce and internet-based procurement?

Purchasing as a vital element of the company, must be able to function at top efficiency at all times.  To do so, there must be flexibility and proper organization.  Each purchasing manager must be able to review the purchasing function objectively and determine whether its current structure and system of operation fills the needs of the company as well as the needs of purchasing.  In such an analysis, such matters as purchasing policies, job descriptions, operational procedures, and departmental structure must be considered with care.

A preoccupation with "us versus them" purchasing that pits buyer against supplier; or "place and chase" purchasing, which places then expedities orders; or "three quotes and a cloud of dust" purchasing, which places emphasis on the lowest price rather than the lowest overall cost for the best value - all are indicative of 20th century vintage purchasing.  The new breed of purchasing professional has added new dimensions to the responsibilities of physical supply management that will continue to bring their organizations into the 21st century.

Strategic Purchasing and Supply Management will address these critical management concerns and will provide practical techniques and vital information to enhance the purchasing function's contribution to your organization's bottom line.

Program Agenda

Top Management Philosophy and Expectations from Purchasing

  • Top Management Philosophy
  • Understanding the Big Picture and the New Business Environment
  • Centralized Procurement Impact
  • Strategic Purchasing Management
  • The New Way of Doing Things
  • Seven Key Areas Where Purchasing Can Excel
  • Ways to Add Value and Best Practices

Organizational Concepts and Relations

  • Organizing the Department and Centralization
  • Factors Affecting the Purchasing Organization
  • Selection and Education of Purchasing Personnel
  • Buyer Training Program
  • Guide for Developing Job Descriptions
  • Steps in Appraising Performance

The Environment of Purchasing Planning

  • Environmental Considerations
  • Purchasing A-B-C Analysis and Spend Profile
  • Illustrative Index of a Purchasing Manual
  • Role in Purchase Planning
  • Porter's 5 Force, PESTLE, and SWOT Analysis Applications
  • Effects of Environmental Factors on the Supplier Marketplace
  • Know the Marketplace and Your Supplier
  • Conclusions - RESPECT Quiz

Increasing and Improving Supplier Utilization

  • Know Your Supplier
  • The Supplier Qualification Process
  • Categories of Suppliers and Relationship Building
  • Strategic Sourcing and Supply Management
  • The Road to Improved Supplier Performance
  • Measuring and Evaluating Supplier Performance
  • Strategies for Improving Supplier Performance

Strategic Physical Supply Management

  • Lean and J.I.T. Principles and Benefits
  • Early Supplier Involvement
  • Supplier Certification Programs
  • Supplier Partnering and Strategic Alliances
  • Supplier Management Teams and Purchasing Councils
  • Group or Consortium Purchasing and Reverse Aggregation
  • Supplier Empowerment and Supplier Owned/Managed Inventory
  • Value Analysis/Value Engineering

Purchasing and the Computer

  • Computerizing the Procurement Process
  • Data and Information Requirements
  • EDI, ERS, and Pipeline Visibility
  • Electronic Commerce and Internet Based Procurement
  • E-Procurement and E-Sourcing
  • Reverse Auctions as a Sourcing Tool

Specialized Purchase Instruments and the Contracting Process

  • Specialized Purchase Instruments and Contracts
  • Commodities, Raw Materials, and Capital Sourcing Groups
  • MRO/Non-Production and Services
  • Low-Value Purchases and MRO Partnering
  • Purchasing/Procurement Cards
  • Outsourcing and Third Party Re-Sourcing

Reporting and Evaluating Performance

  • Performance Reports and Purchasing Metrics
  • Appraising and Controlling Purchasing Performance
  • Sample Types of Reports
  • Summary and Conclusions

Who Should Attend
This program is designed to give purchasing, procurement, supply management, or materials management agents, supervisors, managers, directors, and vice-presidents a concentrated course in effective purchasing and supply management.  It is designed for those who make decisions and dev elop strategies within the purchasing or supply management function.

Date: July 25-26, 2012
Time: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Location:Springfield, MO

: $795
Instructor: Tom Tanel



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