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For more information about the 2016 Big Data Dance Forum please contact Jeff Schmedeke at 417.837.2615 or send him an email

2016 topic areas:

  • The Signal and the Noise (Keynote) - data collection, velocity and volume, real answers and predictions

  • The State of Data Science - innovation, data designers, big data systems
  • Intelligent Data Discovery - adaptive learning, scalable data processing, accurate predictions
  • The Dawn of the Data-Driven Enterprise - data-driven decisions, predictive intelligence, enterprise marketing
  • The Power of Open Data and Smart Cities - livability, workability, sustainability; using public data to create a much better world
  • Great Catch: Using Data Science to Keep Us Honest - fighting fraud, leveraging knowledge, digital forensics, data science, pattern recognition
  • Data Security: The Good, the Bad and the Super-Ugly - data protection, secure company information and client details, avoiding bad security
  • Monetizing Data: The Mobile Data Revolution - data exhaust, extracting value, focus on the possibilities

  • Putting Data to Work - revolutionizing industries, speech recognition, visual object, image and sentiment classification, automated question answering, marketing analysis

  • Context, Data and Connected Things - adoptive intelligence, connect and integrate, wearables, health and recommended systems

2016 Presenters:

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