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For more information about the 2017 Big Data Dance Forum please contact Jeff Schmedeke at 417.837.2615 or send him an email

2017 topic areas:

  • Improving Our Lives with Data (Keynote) – Life-saving analytics and the power of data intel in health

  • The Good, Bad and Ugly of Data Security– Data breaches, hackers and the entropy of the cloud

  • Who Owns Our Data? – The government, big business and our lives in the cloud   

  • Lessons Learned: Implementing an Analytics System – What makes a successful transition to a data-driven enterprise

  • Blockchains Explained – What they are, what they do and how they will transform digital currencies

  • Self-Service Analytics – Salesforce Wave Analytics platform that slices and dices data on any device

  • The Power of Text Analytics – Using keyword tools to serve markets, catch ideas and build a better mousetrap

  • Making Sense of the Big Data Revolution – What brought us the need and use of Big Data in the first place?

  • The Story of Connected Things – What does all this mean for the future of data and analytics?

2017 Presenters:


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