Certificate Programs

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How do I enroll myself or an employee in a Certificate program?

A certificate application should be completed toward the beginning of your coursework. Applications can be completed during class time or submitted online.

How long does it take to complete a Certificate program?

Certificates can typically be completed in a relatively short time. Participants have up to two years to complete program requirements after submitting an application.

Is there any testing involved to earn a Certificate?

No. MDI's courses are designed for adult learners and the impact of the courses is assessed throughout the program through relevant activities, exercises, case studies, and Q&A.

Are there any additional fees associated with completing a Certificate program?

No. Certificate Program participants pay all necessary training registration costs, but there are no additional fees incurred to receive a certificate.

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Learn more about each of MDI's Certificate Programs online. Please don't hesitate to contact MDI with any additional questions about Certificate Programs.