Customized Training

Solutions tailored specifically for your needs

Single Courses and Comprehensive Programs Designed for You

The most important asset of any organization is the knowledge, skills, and abilities of its workforce. And while each organizational culture is unique, all organizations face a similar challenge: how to bring out the best in their employees.

The Management Development Institute works regularly with companies from all industries and of all sizes to develop custom training curriculums that meet the specific needs of an organization.

Whatever your organizational needs are, MDI's custom trainings offer a cost-effective way to quickly and efficiently upgrade skills, promote operational excellence, and develop leadership talent.

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How does custom training work?

MDI will develop a customized training plan for your organization utilizing the following steps:

Needs analysis:
We work directly with clients to define the specific areas of need within their organization

Training objectives:
We work closely with clients to identify training objectives and performance improvement goals

Training design:
Training is designed to accomplish the established objectives and to involve your employees in the learning process

Immediately transferable to the work environment

We evaluate on three levels: reaction, learning, and behavior