Lean Six Sigma

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Six Sigma is a powerful set of statistical and management tools and methodologies that dramatically improve customer satisfaction, productivity and shareholder value. It focuses on reduction of variation in a business process, while targeting problem areas with pinpoint accuracy. Unlike other process improvement “programs,” Six Sigma enhances process predictability while reshaping the organizational culture to meet customer demands. It provides a common language to gauge performance across all functions and divisions of an organization.

Six Sigma is credited as the catalyst for breakthrough improvements in a large number of organizations across a variety of industries including healthcare, insurance, banking, manufacturing, and government.

Lean Six Sigma strives to produce consistent, predictable business processes that deliver world-class levels of quality. Companies that have adopted the Lean Six Sigma process have seen increased customer satisfaction, improved product or service reliability and improved short and long-term financial performance.

Who is it for?

Lean Six Sigma is an ideal solution for any organization that wants to improve the bottom-line for their company and that strives to exceed customer expectations. Lean Six Sigma will benefit any organization with processes that require standardization and consistent high quality results, regardless of industry.

Bring Lean Six Sigma training to your organization

MDI offers company-specific Lean Six Sigma training that is designed to meet your workplace's needs.

Lean Six Sigma training can be incredibly cost effective for organizations looking to transform processes and improve profits. Training can be hosted at our facility, on-site at your workplace, or with a combination of both.