FAQ About Custom Programs



Q: How does MDI customize a training program?

A: Our professional staff uses a thorough three-phase process.

  • We begin with the ANALYSIS phase by opening strong communication channels with key members of your organization's leadership team. Initial meetings and interviews help us gather qualitative data such as experience, previous training, and core-competencies of each position. We seek to identify performance measures, bottom line goals and the methods and/or means to attain them.

  • The information from the analysis guides us in our selection of instruments used in the DATA COLLECTION phase. Using the most relevant assessment techniques and quantitative data collection instruments we gather and analyze pertinent data, then summarize and review our findings with your leadership staff.

  • Once data is summarized we can DIAGNOSE AND RECOMMEND performance solutions whether they be training or non-training interventions. Recommendations are provided both in written report format and/or in a presentation to the leadership staff. Such recommendations include the types of development interventions required and their order of importance within the proposed strategic human resources development plan.


Q: How many participants do I need to offer a custom program?


  • It is most cost effective to offer a program for your employees when you have 10 or more employees who need the same program.

  • We also work with organizations/businesses that join together because individually they do not have enough participants to fill a class, but together they do. This allows us to offer programs in cities that are close to the businesses and minimize travel.


Q: What topics can you deliver on-site?

Download our Company Specific Training brochure for a list of topic capabilities. If you do not see a topic that matches you need, just ask. Our resources are extensive and we can work to develop the program you need.


Q: What would it cost to have a program delivered on-site?

A: The price varies based on the extent of customization involved, the topic selected and training location. Please contact Scot Scobee or Belinda Davis to receive a training estimate.  Scot or Belinda can be reached at 417-836-5667 or 1-800-733-3203 or mdi@missouristate.edu

Because of the vast number of courses we offer, most organizations find that our pre-developed courses or programs closely match their needs. This helps us minimize the costs associated with curriculum development while improving our ability to fine tune our design and delivery to get more lasting results. We make every effort to work within your budget and we can even assist you in developing a system to track your ROI.


Q: What is included in our custom program?

A: Our clients tell us MDI is easy to work with. We will coordinate all the logistics for your training program. Depending on your needs this could include room arrangements, audio visual equipment, bound material for all participants, attendance tracking for certificate programs, certificates of attendance and any other details determined necessary for the delivery of the program.


Q: Can you provide references for your customized training services?

A: We are proud of the fact that the majority of our business is from return clients. We would be happy to provide references specific to your interests.