What Participants Have to Say About Charlie Carpenter

Six Sigma ClassDavid Bertram, Six Sigma Black Belt Coach, DTMP – Detroit Tool Metal Products “I'm totally impressed with the instructor’s willingness to pass along all the tricks and tools from the field. He's spent a lot of time developing all the CD tools. I've already used them. No kidding, this stuff is worth its weight in gold.”

Kim Rogan, MGR of Six Sigma Training at Northrop Grumman Mission Systems “The instructor is easy for others to understand. I can not say enough good things about him!”

Pat Wehner, Production Planner, DTMP  “I'm amazed at the knowledge that the instructor brings to the class. The training has been excellent. Using Minitab as we go through the classes has been a big help as well.”

Ft. Jackson CoinsThese coins were awarded to our Master Instructor from the Command Sergeant Major and the Commanding General at Fort Jackson for outstanding instruction.



The following comments came from participants in MDI's Lean/Six Sigma classes:


Highly motivating
Very well planned
An excellent instructor

“Overall Charlie maintains professionalism, humor & creativity”

“Instructor was very helpful and kept everything at an anticipated upbeat level.”    

“Very engaging and seems to really enjoy what he does and Six Sigma in general.”

“Used humor and related current events – keep up the good work.”

“One of the best classes I have attended.”

“Very much enjoyed the atmosphere and the class in general.”

"I really liked the format that was used to involve the class – movie clips, team challenges and projects."

"Mr. Carpenter is an exceptionally qualified instructor who can easily keep the attention of all participants."

"Mr. Carpenter has the ability to articulate highly technical material in a common-sense manner."

"The teaching techniques were very good and helped to make it easy to learn."

"Charlie's instruction style kept it lively and made it fun."