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About Mini-MBA

Every business professional must balance unprecedented demands on resources, tackle tough decisions, adjust and readjust priorities while making the company thrive. This is a tough job without a continuous flow of new ideas and knowledge. Why not make an investment in your future and your firm’s success by participating in the Mini MBA?

The Mini-MBA is a non-credit program providing a foundation in key business disciplines in a condensed format. It is designed for those who need a broader understanding of a full range of business topics or who can benefit from a refresher at mid-career. MDI uses a mix of professionals and faculty members, to help you develop deeper business understanding while building critical thinking skills through case studies, a business simulation, lectures, and discussions.

For more information on our International Mini-MBA check out our Global Partners page.

How You Will Benefit

The goal of this program is to help practicing managers, leaders and business owners become more effective in their work by providing them with a foundation in current business theories and practices. The program covers subject areas found in academic MBA degree programs. Sessions will give managers the knowledge they need to work cross-functionally within their organizations and become more conversant with a variety of practical business areas. You will expand your business vocabulary by exploring the basics of accounting, finance, human resources management, marketing and more.

Who Should Attend

The Mini MBA is designed for experienced or high potential managers who are seeking a stronger foundation in current business theory and practice, or managers who have experience in one area and want exposure to other areas to qualify for positions of increased responsibility. Technical   professionals making the transition into management positions and professionals or managers considering an MBA program will also find the Mini-MBA a valuable learning experience.

Managers, functional experts, and professionals considering an MBA, as well as high potential professionals and entrepreneurs who are seeking to develop their knowledge and understanding of business.

Why you should take it

Top 10 Reasons:

  1. Your coursework will be relevant and applicable to real-world situations. It will challenge and strengthen your critical thinking abilities and prepare you to lead.

  2. Explore common business theories and practices.     

  3. Gain knowledge to work cross-functionally in your organization or  business.

  4. Develop a network of valuable business contacts.

  5. Broaden your overall management base of knowledge.

  6. Expand your ability to think and act strategically.

  7. Understand and use financial statements more effectively.

  8. Gain new and different insights into the causes of, effects of and     solutions to organizational issues.

  9. Be able to work and communicate more effectively with other functional professionals and senior management.

  10. Your potential for career advancement and personal growth will be greatly enhanced because of the increased knowledge, insight, and leadership capacity you’ll gain from your time with us.

MDI Certificate

A framed certificate of completion will be awarded to class members who attend at least nine of the ten sessions. The certificates are granted by the Management Development Institute through the Center for Business & Economic Development at Missouri State University. 


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